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:things don't die, they just change

Miles away on a distant year; you, a simple sap sucking sacoglossan slime along the protoplasmic shore. You'd just as soon be squished as swallowed yet you have survived the untold terrors of the tidepool. You've lost your gastro-pod in a shit filled creek. Look up. The brightness burns. The mold surrounds. Your cells loosen their grip like a clown's grasp on reality. In flood all things unknown, particles smaller then your membories, and as your neural net flickers, the ooze awakens inside. you have become ooze, ooze you. Feed on them, feed on me, tear chloroplasts from nucleonipples and wearing them like speciecidal scout badges. Extract their energy. Sign the document. Draw energy from the sun. Give in to the lightside. Drink drunk on Photosystem II. The cravings ever stronger, deeper. Algal DNA is in you. In your children. The herbimind tells you to go ever higher to the ball of fire. More chloroplasts. More order. Stand still. Be taller. RISE! from your beginnings. We are better than ever before. We are the sum of wholes and holes have sun!

On this day 01.03.14, the half-birthday past the 6th anniversary of the discovery of Space Faces, Space Faces return with the album unlike anything you've ever born witness like a blind man before. The shorts! The longs! The stories that have captivated a circle of humans for nearly almost a quarter generation.

- But how? Dugan's in Chicago and James is Philly and Dalis is in Boston? And anyone who listens to their music dies in a fiery head explosion?
> Good question, Billy. The answer is: SCIENCE!

After millenia of meticulously crafting electrons and radiowave spectra to float out of our hands, we have managed to communicate to each other over 1000s of miles, spanning continents over space and time, and dug up every collective memory and experience we ever had, every sound ever formed in our collective presence and jammed em all into a cup full of noise and larvae, and those larvae grew up into some sort of tree that sprouts CDs spray painted with plaster hearts that break in your mind. We sent those chunks of hearts to each other until we made fruitcakes of music that no one wanted so we passed em around again and again until dugan turned them into digital signals. You may now listen to them, while staring deeply into this cube as it emerges from the ooze of 6 years of the best memories, shows, friends, locations, stories, revelations, revocations, parties, ideas, beeps and bops than any band could ever hope for. Then the cube will transform.

Expect more from Space Faces in the future, but things will never be the same; we can only change our perception. With big, big love we present our latest album, AutoZoo.

-Space Faces


released January 3, 2014

All music by Dalis, Dugan, and James. All tracks except track 5 were mixed from solo recordings made between September and December 2010 and additional sounds recorded between 2011 and 2013. Track 5 contains sounds recorded between 2004 and 2012. All digital processing and mixing done with Audacity and Matlab. Artwork by James.




Space Faces Cambridge, Massachusetts

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